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The surprising research of John C. Lilly Can dolphins read minds?

Since dolphins don’t speak English, there had to be another way of communicating with them, one researcher decided. At the dawn of dolphin-research, he even tried psychoactive drugs, on himself, not the animals; much to the chagrin of his peers ... He believed that cetaceans really had superhuman intelligence and was out to prove it.

L'envers – Verlan Talking backwards in French

Language is not only a way for people to link up and communicate, for it also can act as a divider. But how can you twist a language so that only certain people understand what you are saying? Actually, it’s quite easy. This article is about a new way to fracture French, which locals use to mark their own in-group. For "speakers," this "language" clearly separates the "ins" from the "outs."

Newborn babies already have secrets

When watching a newborn baby’s first instinctive exploration of the world around it, have you ever thought to wonder how an infant’s inarticulate vocalizations turn into real language so quickly?

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